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With nearly 54.000 links, Inlibris is maybe the biggest directory of literary resources on the Internet.

Search Inlibris for etexts, writers, agents, books, ezines, prizes, publishers, workshops, genres, dictionaries, bookstores, libraries, hypertexts and other literary and language- or book-related sites.

Inlibris is the first directory that is able to repeat for you a search defined by a previous, unknown user (Another user’s search service). This service selects at random words that were typed at Inlibris by a previous user.

With the 10 literary pages at random service, you’ll find interesting literary information, not limited by your own questions. But the results will probably be unrelated. In contrast, repeating another user’s search, you’ll get sites with something in common.

Inlibris allows you to define a search of pages with a word or more than one. If you type more than one word, Inlibris will show you pages that have all your words.

To limit the result of your search to the more relevant addresses, Inlibris will only show you the pages that have the words you typed in the title, the description or the address.

Some tips

Avoid articles or prepositions. The most common articles and prepositions will be ignored.

Avoid special characters (like accents or punctuation). They will be ignored too.

Capital letters will be ignored.

After pressing the Search button, the text field will show you how your query was interpreted by the search engine.

Exemple 1


will list pages with the text “Shakespeare”.

Exemple 2

Shakespeare sonnets

will list pages with the texts “Shakespeare” AND “sonnets”.

Exemple 3

"sonnets?, Shakespeare!"

Same as Exemple 2.

Exemple 4

You can also use Inlibris to help you remembering an address: you can type part of the page’s address instead of words.

or simply

geocities athens

will list pages at Geocities’ Neighborhood Athens.

You can combine both strategies (search by address and by content).

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