Castro, Jose Ferreira Borges, Portuguese Ambassador (1825-1911). Autograph letter signed.Rome, 9 Mar 1876.

To the editor of "L'Europe diplomatique".

Indirizzata all'amministratore della rivista "L'Europe diplomatique". Il diplomatico desidera abbonarsi per un anno al periodico e informa d'aver inviato per posta ventisette franchi e sessanta: "Le soussigné ayant req.u jusqu'au numéro 5 (moins le n. 2) de 'L'Europe diplomatique' désire d'abonner pour un an a ce journal, et vous envoie en conséquence un mandat de poste pour fr. 27, 60, frais de poste compris [...]".

[Alf Layla wa Layla - Portuguese - Gânim]. Historia de Ganem, filho de Abou Aibou, denominado o escravo de amor. Traduzida …Lisbon, 1792.

Extremely rare second edition of a rare Portuguese translation of the History of Ganem, the slave of love, a story from the Arabian Nights. The story tells of Ganem, a son of a merchant from Damascus, who upon his father's death travels to Baghdad to sell his father's leftover stock. Once in Baghdad, the young Ganem falls in love with the favourite concubine of the caliph. The story is translated into Portuguese from Jean Antoine Galland's early 18th century French translation.

With spots on the first and last leaves, a stain on leaf B1 and a couple tiny holes in the outer margin of the last leaf. In good condition.